Technical School

Jambo Africa Child Hope is in the process of founding Jambo Africa Technical College, a tuition-free boarding school for 100 young boys and 100 young girls which will be located in the Tabora region of Tanzania. Needy children who show promise and initiative will be selected to attend and receive full scholarships. The school will provide a wholesome character-forming environment and technical skills education and career training in several practical fields. Each student will choose one of ten programs, including administrative, construction, and technological fields.

We have already acquired the land on which the college will be built. Now we are seeking partnerships with faith-based organizations both in the United States and in Africa, as well as grant-making organizations and individuals of means, to enable us to continue toward our goal of building and establishing this college by 2018. If successful, we hope to found other  colleges throughout Africa based on a similar model.

Plan for Development


  • Name of school: Jambo Africa Technical College
  • Location of school: Village of Chang’ombe county of Ndevelwa within Tabora region of Tanzania, on 30 acres of land accessible by gravel road, which has been leased to Jambo Africa Child Hope by the government of Tanzania
  • Geographical area from which the college will draw enrollments: all of Tanzania
  • Minimum and maximum age of students: 17-25
  • Minimum enrollment at launch of college: about 200
  • Students will receive full scholarships to attend the college.

Mission and Purpose

  • Career training to enable successful economic life
  • Instilling moral and religious values and sense of personal dignity and self-worth in spiritual identity as children of God

Elements of Curriculum

  • Subjects that all students will study:
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Basic computer skills
    • Religious education (Catholic, Protestant, or Islamic, according to the religion of each child)
  • Specialization that each student will choose:
    • Hotel Management/Catering
    • Electrical Technology
    • Automotive Repair
    • Commercial Driver’s License
    • Building Construction Technician
    • Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HRVAC)
    • Secretarial and Administrative
    • Agriculture
    • Landscaping
    • Tailoring

Sources of Funding

  • Individual donations by investors, members of the government of Tanzania, and people in Africa and America who wish to support humanitarian causes
  • Donations and fundraisers by faith-based organizations and congregations. Long-term partnership relationships will be pursued.
  • Grants by non-governmental organizations, corporations, government agencies, and United Nations agencies

Phase I: Land Surveying — complete by end of June 2018

  • Initial survey to create topographical map and mark boundaries
  • Comprehensive survey:
    • Determine best locations for well drilling
    • Determine best locations for septic tank/field
    • Soil study and determine best locations for agricultural production

Phase I is expected to cost up to $10,000.

Phase II: Land Development and Construction — complete by end of 2019

  • Internal roads
  • Well, pump, and water transport
  • Septic system
  • Power generation systems
    • Solar
    • Biodiesel generator as backup system
  • Main school building
    • Boys dormitory (100 boys, 50 rooms)
    • Girls dormitory (100 girls, 50 rooms)
    • Auditorium (used for religious services, conferences and other large events)
    • Prepare part of land for agricultural production

Phase III: Curriculum Development, Accreditation, and Staffing — complete by end of 2019

  • Hire Education Director, i.e. principal
  • Education Director hires administrative staff (4) and teachers (8)
  • Education Director works with Board of Directors and teachers to develop detailed curriculum
  • Detailed curriculum is submitted to government of Tanzania for accreditation
  • Invite religious leaders to come and minister services for students and to develop and oversee religious education programs for their respective faiths, working with the Education Director and Board of Directors
  • Hire a Head Counselor to oversee counseling for the students

Phase IV: Advertising and Student Enrollment – complete by end of 2019

  • Advertise launch of the school to targeted communities:
    • Churches
    • Non-governmental organizations that assist impoverished children
    • Government-run primary school
  • Enroll up to 200 students for first term
  • Begin first term in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

Budget for Phases II through IV is expected to be approximately $1.5 million.

Detailed Plan and Grant Proposal

In June 2010, Jambo Africa Child Hope wrote a grant proposal containing more detailed information about our prior project to establish Lake Natron Technical School. This was submitted to USAID for their review.

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