Proposed JACH Technical School

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Land Survey

Board of Director Jaha Kaducha

Head of the village and other members of the village standing with Director of JACH Jaha Kaducha in the land we expect to start building.

Director of JACH in Tabora giving administrative fees for the land documentation.

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Jambo Africa Technical College

Jambo Africa Technical College

Jambo Africa Child Hope is in the process of founding Jambo Africa Technical College, a tuition-free boarding school for 200 young boys and 200 young girls which will be located in the Tabora region of Tanzania.

We have made sketches and blueprints of the college and we hope to get started on this institution by 2019. qq ww Ground Floor-page-001 First & 2nd Floor-page-001


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Cooking Dinner for the Homeless at Leland House, Washington, DC

Leland House (Mickey Leland Place) is a shelter for homeless men in Washington, DC, which helps them to recover from drug addiction, provide them with job training and assistance to find long-term housing.

In 2013, Jambo Africa Child Hope reached out to this charitable organization and cooked a dinner of traditional African cuisine for all their residents, as shown in the photos below.

Chef David Skidmore cooking the food.

President of JACH Eliserena Kimolo cooking the food.

Mrs. Kimolo and volunteer preparing food.

Volunteers preparing food.

Mrs. Skidmore explains to President Kimolo about the mission of Leland House and the types of people they help.

JACH works with other church volunteers to prepare food for the men of Leland House.

JACH and church volunteers finishing the food preparation.

Dinner is served, volunteers share meal with the men of Leland House.

Eating the meal together.

JACH President Kimolo sits and talks with some of the men of Leland House asking them about their experiences and how they like the program.

President Kimolo continues talking with the men of Leland House.

More people shared dinner with the Leland residents.

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Donating School Supplies to Children of Moshi, Tanzania

In 2012, Jambo Africa Child Hope raised money to donate school supplies to hundreds of children in Moshi, Tanzania.

In the images below, JACH volunteers distribute books, notebooks, backpacks, pencils and pens, and other much-needed supplies to children who live in poverty — supplies that are not provided by the schools. With our help, these children now have the supplies they need to attend school and succeed in their education.

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