About Us

Jambo Africa Child Hope is a legally incorporated, tax-exempt, non-profit organization established in the District of Columbia, USA.

The purpose of JACH is to work with faith-based organizations, institutions, individuals, friends of Africa and Africans in the United States to improve the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in Africa by mobilizing resources, both human and financial, to build hope and support for the African children by providing education, health, food and housing, and advocating internationally for the rights of every child in Africa as stipulated in the United Nations Charter. Jambo Africa Child Hope works in partnership with religious organizations and congregations both in the United States and in Africa to hold to account the God-established responsibility for caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children as Jesus commanded in Matthew 18:5: “For whoever receives one child like this in my name receives me.” HIV/AIDS has orphaned more than 12 million children in Africa, and JACH will actively work to increase the support for these children and others who are suffering, through our areas of operation.

The philosophy of our organization is to lift children out of poverty by “teaching them to fish, not giving them a fish” — in other words, saving children from a life of poverty by providing them with the knowledge and practical skills they need to develop successful careers, rather than remaining on the streets as beggars, prostitutes, or in other unhealthy, unproductive and degrading situations. Through education and career training, Jambo Africa Child Hope will give impoverished African children newfound dignity and hope for a better life.

We have helped several dozen children in Tanzania and Uganda by providing funds for them to continue their education in existing schools and support their basic life needs.

Our first major long-term project is to establish Jambo Africa Technical College in the Tabora region in Tanzania, for which we have developed detailed plans and are raising the necessary funds to proceed.

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